Rockfish Session

**Rockfish Presbyterian Church Session Meets Regularly on Second Sunday of Each Month**

*if anyone has anything that needs to go before the session, please contact a session member*

Meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall at 2pm.


Christian Education/Hospitality/Witness

Geraldine Wells -- Moderator

Belinda Coates -- Co-Moderator

Mirlyn Salmon, J.C. Boykin, Kathy Carr, Carolyn Colwell, Linda Wells, Lillian Wells-Boykin


J.C. Boykin -- Moderator

Pat O'Donnell -- Co-Moderator

Emily Carr, Maude Forlaw, Mary Jo Johnson, Edna Earle Wells


Bobby Salmon -- Moderator

Linda Wells -- Co-Moderator

Lee Dail

LaVoice Wells


Lee Dail -- Moderator

Jimmy Wells -- Co-Moderator

Donald Wells, Edna Earle Wells, Will Wells

Nominating Committee

Jimmy Wells -- Moderator

Mary Jo Johnson

Mirlyn Salmon

You can find the Session Minutes for the current year here.

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