Connecting the Past with the Present

The age and history of our church congregation and adjoining historic cemetery is a plethora of information for those searching for family genealogy and local history. Over the years individuals have taken on the challenge of church scrapbooks, publishing historical information and organizing the many grave sites located in Rockfish Cemetery. The latter is an ongoing process. The cemetery is still active and serves the Wallace community as well as surrounding areas.  Through the church website access to this information can be obtained for individuals outside the local boundaries.

Recently, through the site, church members were contacted to assist a lady from the Charlotte area. She was searching for the grave of her great grandmother whom had died in the Wallace area during the late 1800's while visiting family and/or friends. It had been recorded in family information that she was buried in Rockfish Cemetery. The grave site could not be located in the registry. Over time, according to older members of the community, the northern boundary of the cemetery created a bluff of sorts. During the years, and because of major storms, some of these areas have been prone to washing out and collapsing and, sadly, grave sites have been lost.